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David Vazquez


A native of Miami, David Vazquez was raised in a family with a significant background in the real estate industry. His father is an accomplished real estate attorney with a land use and zoning specialty and his grandfather was a successful land broker. David graduated from Florida International University with a double major in International Business and Business Management. He also recently completed his Master's of Science in International Real Estate from Florida International University, where he graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors.

Bi-lingual in English and Spanish, David brings an aggressive marketing approach to reach markets from all parts of the globe. David understands the work ethic and knowledge needed to get the best results for his clients. David takes pride in exceeding his client's expectations and treating them with first class service.

Most importantly, David believes in building lasting relationships with his clients. Nothing is more important to him than earning and keeping their utmost trust. He goes above and beyond and wants every transaction to be a stress-free process for his clients. "To stand out in the luxury market, it is the attention to detail that separates you."

David likes to educate his clients with the current market trends and put them in the best possible position to succeed in their current situation. He accomplishes this by regularly sending his clients the latest market reports and giving them the inside knowledge that only a full time professional has a pulse on.

David's Property Listings

The collection of luxury oceanfront and waterfront real estate in Miami Beach and Southern Florida

6800 Gleneagle Dr
Miami Lakes


  • $3,218.06/m²
  • 5 Quartos, 4½ Banheiros
  • 557.8 m² (6004 s.f.)
[ See More ]
16110 W Prestwick Pl
Miami Lakes


  • $3,752.04/m²
  • 5 Quartos, 5½ Banheiros
  • 371.8 m² (4002 s.f.)
[ See More ]
3510 SW 21st St


  • $3,060.46/m²
  • 3 Quartos, 2 Banheiros
  • 143.4 m² (1544 s.f.)
[ See More ]
Villas Of Miami Lakes #F206
Miami Lakes


  • $2,163.33/m²
  • 2 Quartos, 2 Banheiros
  • 94.8 m² (1020 s.f.)
[ See More ]
One Paraiso #4702


  • 1 Quartos, 1½ Banheiros
  • 104.4 m² (1124 s.f.)
[ See More ]
Paraiso Bayviews #3503


  • 1 Quartos, 1½ Banheiros
  • 61.5 m² (662 s.f.)
[ See More ]
Quantum On The Bay #4210


  • 1 Quartos, 1 Banheiros
  • 73.8 m² (794 s.f.)
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David's Property Sales

Here is a list of David's most recent property sales, with the most-recent ones showing first. You may resort the list by clicking on any column.

Propriedade Unidade Preço Preço de Venda Vendido $/m² Quart/Banh Espaço Interior Mais
Icon Brickell 3101 $1,250,000 $1,045,000 $6,015.13/m² 3/2 173.7 m² (1870 s.f.) more
Mint Condo 5112 $400,000 $395,000 $3,868.74/m² 2/2 102.1 m² (1099 s.f.) more
The Bentley Bay 912 $570,000 $515,000 $3,868.74/m² 1/1 0.0 m² (0 s.f.) more
The Floridian 2006 $499,000 $451,417 $6,513.42/m² 1/1 69.3 m² (746 s.f.) more
Icon Brickell I 1611 $349,000 $307,500 $4,056.25/m² 1/1 75.8 m² (816 s.f.) more
Flamingo Lake 0 $250,000 $245,000 $2,006.97/m² 2/1½ 122.1 m² (1314 s.f.) more
Icon South Beach 1603 $2,100,000 $2,000,000 $9,975.82/m² 3/3 200.5 m² (2158 s.f.) more
Sls Brickell Residences PH4901 $1,649,500 $1,550,000 $9,116.97/m² 3/3½ 170.0 m² (1830 s.f.) more
Mar Del Plata 1508 $450,000 $430,000 $3,425.97/m² 1/2 125.5 m² (1351 s.f.) more
The Mark On Brickell 905 $290,000 $280,000 $3,965.65/m² 1/1 70.6 m² (760 s.f.) more
One Miami UPH-03 $399,000 $380,000 $4,712.31/m² 1/1 80.6 m² (868 s.f.) more
Star Lofts On The Bay 2002 $430,000 $396,000 $3,454.22/m² 2/2 114.6 m² (1234 s.f.) more
Lochlomond 7003 $310,000 $296,000 $2,182.27/m² 3/2 135.6 m² (1460 s.f.) more
Cypress Village L10 $154,900 $168,000 $2,216.10/m² 2/1 75.8 m² (816 s.f.) more
16331 Willow Creek Dr Home $195,000 $195,000 $2,650.21/m² 2/2 73.6 m² (792 s.f.) more
Murano Grande 2407 $1,225,000 $1,070,000 $6,946.55/m² 2/2 154.0 m² (1658 s.f.) more
Gables Court 313 $315,000 $285,000 $2,588.79/m² 3/2 110.1 m² (1185 s.f.) more
Quantum On The Bay 4210 $289,000 $270,000 $3,660.27/m² 1/1 73.8 m² (794 s.f.) more
18683 Collins Av Home $725,000 $700,000 $5,033.22/m² 2/3 139.1 m² (1497 s.f.) more

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